Arizona 2016 {Personal Work}

Our first trip together to Arizona is officially over.  In sets the gray-sky blues.

The trip included some of my favorite things:  Quality time with my hubs, food (lots of food), sun, and photography.  Not sure a trip could get better than that!

On our first day we hiked the Holbert Trail on the South Mountain Preserve near Phoenix.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a big hiker.  Greg loves it though, and I love Greg, so off we went up the hill.  It wasn’t terribly difficult but it was the equivalent of exercising on a stair climber for about an hour.  We arrived at the top and as I discovered the parking lot scattered with cars I grabbed Greg’s arm and said, “We could have driven here???”

Truth – the time together was worth the sore glutes.

The second day we headed to Sedona.  The 2-hour drive was lovely with mountains surrounding us pretty much the whole time.  Cacti were everywhere.  Conversation was plentiful.  And we were thankful for the GPS on our phones.  (Seriously, how did we ever live in the era of Triptics?)  After miles and miles of brown/gray earth, we rounded a corner to see mounds of red.  Gorgeous.


We decided to hike Cathedral Rock.  I find it ironic that the alternative trail was Easybreezy… because Cathedral was no joke.  And really have no photos to show during the climb, because I needed both hands (and then some) to scale the side of the mountain.

Greg caught me in action and what would a trip to Cathedral Rock be without a selfie? <3

Thank. The. Lord.

The views were well worth the hike up.  Can you spot Greg??  The massive red rocks sure put things into perspective.

Natural habitat.

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We made it back down the rock and headed toward Phoenix, but stopped along the way at the most unusual shop I’ve ever seen.  It had a little bit of everything – an amusement park of some sorts.  It was too much not to photograph. 

My travel partner.  I sure do love him.  He encourages me to be the best I can be, and at the same time encourages me to be silly.  I love the way he uses words like “flora” and “fauna” – usually correctly. He courted me with his uncanny humor and continues to make me laugh to this day.  I feel blessed to do life with him, and am so so thankful that we can go on trips such as this one to re-charge our batteries together.

We hopped back into the car and within an hour it gave us an “Attention Assistant” alert.  The car suggested we take a break.  ?????? Cars are too smart.  We tried to ignore it but it beeped every few minutes so we finally gave in and pulled into a rest area to make it shut up.

The rest area was called “Sunset Point” and it just so happened to be sunset.  Maybe the car was even smarter than we thought.


I haven’t yet mentioned the food. We ate our way through Arizona. Every meal – and I mean EVERY meal, was fabulous.  Finer restaurants such as Chelsea’s Kitchen, Citizen Public House, and Tommy V’s Urban Kitchen were amazing.  But equally amazing were some quick lunch spots, such as Irma’s Kitchen – a 5-table restaurant with oh-so authentic Mexican food. And Mucha Lucha where Greg and I had the best street tacos we’ve ever had!  And of course Oreganos – amazing pizza (gluten-free even).  Every where we went, the food was amazing, the servers were over the top friendly.  It was a foodies paradise. And I’ll be on a detox for the next month.

While I was in my photography workshop, Greg ate a flight of bacon. For real. A flight of bacon.

Then he went out mountain biking and texted me messages with photos like this .

His caption:  “Sun never sets on a hottie.”

He’s a dork. But he’s my dork, and I am so happy we were able to spend this time together.

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