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Kyrgyzstan 2018

As many of my clients know, I recently took a trip to Kyrgyzstan to work along side a team of creatives in a very unique project. In a nut shell, we were tasked to create photo and video content for June Cashmere, a Kyrgyzstan company that is utilizing the highest ethical standards to bring this...

Cleo, Currently {Personal Work}

Some of you know, many don’t… but my mom has had a pretty tough year (or two). She has been riddled with back pain which ultimately resulted in surgery on April 4th. She has also been riddled with cognition issues. We thought it was from the pain medications prior to surgery, and then from post-operative...

Arizona 2016 {Personal Work}

Our first trip together to Arizona is officially over.  In sets the gray-sky blues. The trip included some of my favorite things:  Quality time with my hubs, food (lots of food), sun, and photography.  Not sure a trip could get better than that! On our first day we hiked the Holbert Trail on the South...

Under the Tuscan Sun {Personal Work}

I knew it would be the trip of a lifetime when Dad emailed to invite the whole family to join him and my stepmom for a Tuscan vacation. It has been my dangling carrot during this busy and hectic year. We left for Italy having done very little planning, but as my dear friend said...

The 12

Almost three years ago to the date, my husband and I stepped foot into the home of some people we “sorta” knew, for a small group led by other people we “sorta” knew from our church. Nervous at this brand new adventure, we weren’t sure what to expect. Of course, everyone was warm and welcoming. I will...

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