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Elizabethan Queen in Peacock gown - photography mentor

EMP offers mentoring, both in-person and via Zoom! In my 13 years as a professional photographer, I have learned many things from the leaders of this industry and through personal experience. I have worked diligently to improve my craft, with hundreds of my images awarded silver, bronze with distinction, and bronze merits through international competitions.


Named one of the top 100 photographers for 2022 by WPE, and as one of only 18 worldwide and the first and only photographer in Ohio to achieve The Portrait Masters - the Fellow Level Accreditation, I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you.


Erica Manning Photography

Course offerings range from photography basics to advanced skills, as well as programs with an emphasis on senior photography. Regardless of your skill level, I believe that EMP mentoring will be a valuable resource in the continued development of your work.



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