Photography Business Workshop
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Photography Business Workshop

As entrepreneurs we have the opportunity to create the business of our dreams. This all starts with first defining what success means to

us! After we have a clear definition of success, we can put processes and procedures into place that align with that definition and support our dreams and goals. Not only will this photography business workshop give you a framework to define your dream career but also give you actionable steps toward streamlining your business and flourishing in your career.

1 Day In-Person Workshop


(3) 2-hour Zoom Sessions


Successful business models

Framework for defining success

Customer service to fit your business model

Communication processes

Session processes

Editing processes

Product processes

Delivery Processes

Marketing Processes


1 on 1: $900

Groups of 2+: $500 each


Combine in-person with Senior Portrait or Creative workshop to make a 2-day workshop experience and save $300 off 1 on 1, $100 off group!




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